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Humanity is at a crossroads. How do we protect our environmental systems while eliminating poverty and social injustice?

Given this enormous challenge, we need an understanding of complex “socio-environmental systems”. But today, most scientific research does not have a clear pathway to impact.

Additionally, most traditional interventions take a siloed approach to problem-solving. Because we  work in dynamic, connected systems, this usually leads to unintended consequences.  

ATREE’s Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation (CSEI) aims to close this gap.  We focus on creating systems based solutions, rooted in scientific research.

CSEI currently focuses on 4 systems:  cities, foods, invasive plant species, and water security.  Our goal is to enhance human well-being, while also supporting the natural environment.

The Centre empowers the "first mile"- in their role as citizens, producers, or consumers.  Our goal is to enable a transition to a more sustainable and fair system.

Our centre is currently being supported by the
Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies
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