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ATREE launched the Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation (CSEI) in September 2019, recognising the need to translate research into impact. CSEI builds communities of early adopters, to scale science-backed solutions. We are bringing the best, multidisciplinary minds together to solve the most pressing environmental challenges India faces today.

At CSEI, our goal is to enhance human wellbeing while sustaining the environment. This requires us to find solutions that are at once system-savvy and yet human-centered. How we workWe are a an ecosystem builder that brings together institutions of power and changemakers on the ground to find science-backed solutions to create impact at scale. These multidisciplinary groups work with citizens, consumers and businesses; the first mile.  

Over the last two years, we have learned some valuable lessons on the role CSEI could play. We decided that our role would be that of an ‘impact ecosystem builder’ who enables changemakers. We will not be an actor, implementing solutions ourselves but a platform that brings together stakeholders for impact.

We have developed a three-step process of ideation, co-creation and scaling to surface problems, ideate, co-create and prototype solutions and finally implement at scale

Each step is associated with specific outputs. In the ideation phase, we will document our learnings through articles, research briefs, videos and blogs. The co-creation phase will typically involve a pilot or a prototype that is refined iteratively through user feedback. The scaling phase will involve jointly building a platform or community that is self-sustaining so that CSEI itself has a clear exit strategy.To stay updated on how we are transforming research into impact join our mailing list!

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