Sanjana Alex

Sanjana is a Research Assistant at CSEI.

Sanjana works as a researcher and content creator for the Lake's and Green Cities’s initiatives. Part of her role involves working with community members to create simplified stories on how citizens are improving and protecting Bengaluru’s lake. She is also co-authoring a series of articles on the visible problems at Bengaluru’s lakes, the causes behind it and what citizens can do to prevent it. 

She graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a concentration in Environmental Engineering. She is interested in water management, wastewater treatment and sustainable development. She has been working in the water space for the past 2 years, and prior to joining CSEI she was working with Biome Environmental Trust.

Her other interests involve traveling, trying new food and cooking. She enjoys experimenting with both local and international cuisines!

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