Manjunatha G

Manjunatha G. is a fieldwork coordinator in CSEI's Food Futures team. Spearheading the fieldwork for various projects, he has completed in depth case studies of over 40 sustainable farms in the districts around Bengaluru and has carefully documented alternative agricultural practices of these farmers.

Manju joined ATREE in 2014 as a field coordinator in the IDRC funded "Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanising Watersheds" project. In the course of that project, he ran a number of water literacy programs in TG Halli catchment, educating farmers on the need for soil and water conservation. He also ran a participatory groundwater monitoring effort for many years and has coordinated several training programmes on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) for Government of Karnataka engineers.

Prior to joining ATREE, Manjunatha spent 4 years as coordinator  of the Arkavathy Kumudvathi Nadi Punashchetana Samithi (AKNPS), a civil society movement dedicated to rejuvenation of the Arkavathy watershed. Manjunatha has a Masters degree in Sociology from Kuvempu University, Shimoga , Karnataka. His hobbies are trekking, reading, and playing outdoor games.

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